5 Migraine Headache Causes

Here is the top 5 cause of migraine.

1. Food

The list of foods that cause migraines is quite long. Here are some examples: Aged cheeses, figs, raisins, beer, wine, hard liquor, dairy products, MSG, papaya, passion fruit, soy sauce, citrus fruits, and avocados are some of them.

2. Drugs and Caffeine

Food or drinks that contain caffeine can be a cause of migraines too. Also, rapid or sudden withdrawal of caffeine can trigger migraine cause. So, don’t stop your caffeine on immediate basis. Try it slowly. Any drugs that can dilate our blood vessels can also cause migraine.

3. Stress and Emotions

Stresses from both family and work can cause migraines. Those who work in a highly pressured environment need to seek for migraine headache cures or having a relaxing weekend can be a migraine help.

4. Sleeping patterns changes.

We need to get uninterrupted and enough sleep that refreshed our mind and body. Migraine attack can be triggered if we sleep too much, not enough sleep or interrupted sleep patterns.

This is just some tips that need in your lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of migraine. Seeking treatments for migraine headaches from your doctor is the best advice.


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